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Work with Smile Tactics and you'll be working directly with the owner, Titus. He works with a carefully selected crack-team of specialists to get you to your goals fast. Here's a little about him...


Titus Mulquiney

As a dental practice owner that’s built a business up from zero patients in a highly competitive region, I know how challenging it can be to build up a patient base. All the while, the chair is empty and bills and business loan debt make a massive impact on your finances.
I’ve been able to apply my experience of 20+ years as a digital marketing specialist to consistently bring in new patients. Averaging 90 patients per month in the first year of business. Now my practice is at full capacity with 3 surgeries and the only problem is finding the best way to expand our capacity. 
Since then I’ve spent my life helping hundreds of others reach their potential.
The Techniques here are by no means unique to dentistry, but through continuous testing and optimisation with hundreds of clients, I’ve found some of the best ways to grow your business.
Now I want to show you how too.
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