Attract More Patients & Achieve Rapid Growth With The Smile Tactics Dental Marketing System

Fill your dental practice whitespace with 20 patient appointments in just 21 days, assured by our ‘21 Day Dental-Book-Filling Money Back Guarantee’. No results? You get a full refund, no questions asked.

One Dental Marketing Platform That Delivers...

More Patients Fast

Utilize proven dental sales systems for paid advertising as well as re-engaging your existing patientbase

Higher Profit

Are you maximising the value of each of your existing patients? Utilise automations that nuture and get them back in the door.

Better Reputation

Improve your online presence, get more Google reviews as well as referrals on autopilot

More Free Time

Integrated communications, workflows  and even AI will save your team time in countless ways

The success of your dental clinic shouldn't be left to chance

Don't let inconsistent appointment books and outdated marketing strategies limit your practice's potential. 

At Smile Tactics, we specialize in turning dental practices into thriving community cornerstones.

Our all-in-one marketing platform and tailored strategies guarantee not just more appointments but the right kind of patient engagement that leads to long-term growth.

Allowing you to amplify your results while reducing your team’s workload and overhead.

Partner With A Marketer That Has Real Stakes In Dentistry

As both a successful dental practice owner and digital marketing specialist for over 20 years, it’s put Smile Tactics founder, Titus in a unique position to understand the dental business, where other marketing experts simply do not.

That's why we’ve developed the Smile Tactics Dental Marketing Platform - designed specifically for dental clinics to streamline operations, improve patient acquisition, and secure your clinic's future.

The Smile Tactics Steps To Success


Free Strategy Session


Get Guaranteed Results in 21 Days


Full System Implementation


Watch Your Practice Grow

Schedule a Free Consultation to get advice tailored to your unique practice needs and goals. And find out how to get there fast.

To demonstrate what our system can do, let's get you a minimum of 20+ additional patient appointments in just 21 days, assured by our' 21 Day Dental-Book-Filling Money Back Guarantee’*. And if we miss the target, you get a full refund.

Utilize our proprietary platform combined with our tried-and-tested strategies for consistent practice growth. We do all the heavy lifting and help you establish processes that improve the patient experience while saving your entire team time.

Enjoy increased appointments, enhanced online presence, and improved patient engagement.

Dental Marketing System Features

We use our own purpose-built all-in-one marketing system that has tools and systems for just about 'everything marketing' you can think of. Here are some highlights...


The Smile Tactics Marketing System revolutionizes dental practice marketing with its comprehensive suite of campaigns and automation.

It's designed to ensure your practice doesn't just survive but thrives in today's competitive landscape. From capturing new leads to converting them into regular patients, and even turning them into advocates for your practice, this system covers all bases.

Key features include sequences for new lead engagement, follow-ups post-call booking, reactivating stale leads, and sophisticated list management. The system also simplifies invoicing and powers referral campaigns, making it a powerhouse for dental marketing efficiency.

Automations include:

  • New lead to book call sequences
  • Call booked follow-up sequences
  • Stale leads automation
  • Database reactivation sequences
  • List management automation
  • Invoicing automation
  • Referral campaigns
A flowchart with decision-making options for customer follow-up, with an accompanying photo of a technician working in a server room.
The Universal Inbox feature of the Smile Tactics Marketing System is a game-changer for dental practices, streamlining communication by consolidating messages from various channels into one accessible location. 

This efficiency tool ensures no patient query goes unanswered, whether it's through email, SMS, or social media platforms, facilitating better patient engagement and satisfaction.
Nurture campaigns are the backbone of any successful dental marketing strategy, ensuring that your practice remains top-of-mind for both prospective and current patients.

Smile Tactics offers an unparalleled email nurture system, featuring over two years of expertly crafted emails. These communications are designed to intelligently engage with leads based on seasonal relevance, covering everything from initial contact sequences to birthday and holiday campaigns.

This approach guarantees consistent, meaningful touchpoints with your audience, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.

Colorful graphic of an envelope with arrows indicating circulation, symbolizing email exchange or communication process.
Unlock the secret to a thriving dental practice with more Google reviews! Our proven strategies make it simple for your satisfied patients to leave glowing feedback, boosting your online reputation and attracting new clients. 

Discover how easy it is to elevate your practice's visibility and trust on Google, laying the foundation for lasting success. Explore our techniques today and transform patient satisfaction into 5-star reviews!
A graphic showing customer satisfaction metrics with a 4.9 average rating from 3,834 reviews and a sentiment analysis indicating 100% positive feedback.

Smile Tactics propels your practice ahead of the competition with its meticulously designed offer funnels.

Whether you're looking to edge out competitors, provide value through discounted treatments, or attract new patients with a free tooth whitening promotion, these funnels are tailored to meet diverse patient needs and preferences.

Each funnel is crafted to seamlessly guide potential patients through the decision-making process, enhancing your practice's appeal and significantly boosting conversion rates.

Our proven funnels can be completely tailored to your clinic, or you can create new ones specific to your needs.

Example Funnels:

  • Competition Funnel
  • Discounted Treatment Funnel
  • Free Tooth Whitening Offer Funnel
Woman contemplating a screen displaying marketing analytics and performance metrics, surrounded by various digital marketing platform icons.
Embrace the future of patient interaction with Smile Tactics' AI Chatbot. This advanced feature operates across your website, Facebook Messenger, Google My Business, and Instagram, providing instant responses to patient inquiries 24/7.

By offering real-time assistance, the AI Chatbot enhances patient experience, boosts engagement, and frees up valuable time for your staff to focus on providing top-notch dental care.

All conversations are tracked in the system and your team can jump into the conversation at any time.
Illustration of a chatbot interacting with a user through a smartphone interface.
The Online Calendar Booking System offers unparalleled convenience for both your practice and your patients. This intuitive system allows patients to book appointments directly from your website, reducing administrative workload and optimizing your scheduling process. It's an essential tool for modern practices looking to improve accessibility and patient satisfaction.

A graphic showing a messaging app conversation on the left and a calendar with a highlighted appointment date on the right, symbolizing a scheduled meeting.
Centralize your patient management with the Smile Tactics CRM feature, designed to streamline operations and enhance patient relations.

This comprehensive system allows you to maintain detailed patient records, track communication history, and manage appointments efficiently, ensuring personalized care and fostering stronger patient-practice relationships.
A screenshot of a customer relationship management (crm) software interface displaying a list of clients with their contact details and recent activities.
Maximize your marketing efforts with Smile Tactics' Opportunity Pipeline Management. This feature provides a clear overview of your sales funnel, enabling you to track leads from initial contact through to conversion.

With this tool, you can prioritize follow-ups, refine your marketing strategies, and drive practice growth.

A computer screen displaying a customer relationship management (crm) dashboard with various leads and sales activity details.
The Smile Tactics Mobile App is a powerful tool that lets you manage your business communication on the go. This app is designed to give you the ultimate control and visibility over all customer interactions, including those handled by our AI system, directly from your smartphone. Whether you use iOS or Android, this app is tailored to keep you connected with your business at all times.

What sets the Smile Tactics Mobile App apart is its seamless integration with all your CRM data. This means you can instantly view and manage every interaction, whether it's an AI-handled query or a conversation that requires human intervention. The app's intuitive interface provides a real-time overview of customer interactions, ensuring you're always informed and ready to make decisions, even when you're away from the office. You can view your calendar, opportunities and account insights.
Three smartphones displaying various screens of a dental practice management app, highlighting features such as appointment scheduling, messaging, and financial analytics.
Engage with your patients on a more personal level with 2-Way SMS Messaging. 

This feature allows for real-time communication, offering a quick and convenient way for patients to reach out with questions or to confirm appointments, enhancing the patient experience and improving practice efficiency.

And with a 99% open-rate there's no better channel to send targeted marketing messages. You can also launch our proprietory Patient Reactivation campaigns via SMS, which are typically one of the highest ROI marketing activities you can do. Combined with the power of AI, we've seen some phenomenal results.
A graphic illustration of an online customer support chat interface with a conversation between a user and a support agent named laura.
Statistics show that if you aren’t immediately available to help a prospect, you'll lose most of them.

Missed a call? No worries. The system will text back on your behalf, so you reengage missed callers automatically and ensure no opportunity is lost.

The premise is simple: a call comes in, and if it’s missed, then they’re automatically sent an SMS text message. This lets them know you’ll call back soon and can offer them a booking link. A conversational AI can also continue the conversation for you!

It ensures that every lead is captured and feels valued, significantly improving lead conversion rates.

Screenshot of a "missed call text back" settings interface with an example message template.
Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with Smile Tactics' Phone Call Tracking. This feature provides valuable insights into which strategies are driving patient calls, allowing you to optimize your marketing spend and focus on the most effective channels.
A dashboard with various analytics widgets displaying call statistics, including a pie chart, a line graph, and numerical data summaries.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your marketing performance with Smile Tactics' advanced reporting features. Detailed analytics and metrics allow you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns, pulling data not only from the Smile Tactics CRM, but from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and phone call tracking.

Make informed decisions, and continuously refine your marketing strategy for maximum impact.
A dashboard displaying sales opportunities and pipeline value with charts illustrating conversion rate, sales funnel, and stages distribution.

Why Smile Tactics?

At Smile Tactics, we know you want to be recognized as a leading dental practice. To achieve this, you need a steady stream of new patients and a robust online presence.

The problem is inconsistent patient numbers and ineffective marketing efforts, which can make you feel frustrated and stuck.

We believe every dental practice deserves to thrive. We understand the importance of results-driven marketing, which is why we offer our "21-Day Dental-Book-Filling Guarantee."

Here’s how we do it: Schedule a free consultation and let us demonstrate results with zero risk to you. Once you’ve seen the power of our systems, we’ll roll over a tailored marketing system and then watch your practice grow.

Book your free 45-minute strategy session now so you can stop feeling stressed about how to bring in enough patients to fill the books... You’ll see more revenue and enjoy more time so you can focus on what you’re really passionate about.

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