How To Make The Perfect Call-To-Action

14 February 2023

Why A ‘Call To Action’ Can Drive More Patients To Your Practice

Today we’ll teach you how to make a compelling call-to-action (CTA) on your website!

When we think of CTA, we think of it as a magic button that tells people what to do next.
It’s like a superhero’s cape, but instead of saving the day, it keeps your website from being dull and not getting any patients at all.

Here’s how to make them irresistible: 

  1. Make sure your CTA is correct.
    A study by the Nielsen Norman Group found that website visitors first look at the top left corner of a website, and that’s where you should put your CTA
  2. Make sure your CTA stands out.
    Use contrasting colours and ensure it’s big enough to be easily seen. A survey by ContentVerve found that using a contrasting colour for your CTA can increase clicks by up to 28%.
  3. CTA should be clear and specific.
    Instead of saying, “Learn more”, say, “Book an appointment now”.
    Being specific and granular is key! A study by Unbounce found that specific CTAs can increase conversions by up to 371%.
  4. A CTA must be consistent throughout the website.
    If you’re using “Book an appointment now” on one page, make sure you use the same language on all other pages. Consistency is crucial!A survey by Hubspot found that consistent CTAs can increase conversion by up to 42%.

Follow these tips and make a powerful CTA to help you convert more visitors into patients. 

Smile Tactics help you create a compelling CTA like a superhero’s cape for your website. We’ll help site visitors know what to do next, making your website engaging while we convert these visitors into potential patients. 

Book a free 45-minute consultation with us today and find out how we can help you. Book an appointment now

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