3 Ways A Strong Brand Identity Can Drive Revenue

20 February 2023

Strong Brand Identity Is A Must For Your Dental Practice… Get Name Recall…Fast

Today, we’ll tell you exactly how a strong brand identity can make your dental practice a household name! 

A strong brand identity is like a superhero suit for your dental practice. It helps people to recognise and remember you, making you stand out from the competition.

And if you’re nothing like solid brand identity, you might as well be a generic toothpaste.

Here’s how to make them irresistible: 

  1. Here are three ways of getting a strong brand identity:
    A study by Branding Strategy Insider found that brands with strong identities are remembered by 80% of people.

    That’s like having an army of people remembering your dental practice! But if you’re using a solid brand identity, more people will be able to find you and make appointments.

  2. A strong brand identity helps you stand out from the competition.
    If your competitors have weak brand identities and you have a strong one, you’ll be the one standing out and getting more patients. 

    A survey by Branding Business found that businesses with solid brand identities have a 23% higher return on investment. Talk about making a bank!

  3. A strong brand identity can increase your profits.
    If more people recognise and remember you, more people will make appointments allowing you to make more money from your dental practice.

    A study by Entrepreneur found that a strong brand identity can increase revenue by up to 23%. That’s like having a money printer in your office.

Let Smile tactics build you a fail-proof brand identity strategy that will make your dental practice stand out from the rest of the competition. We’ll help people recognise and remember you, always making you top-of-mind.

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