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9 February 2023

Here’s targeted advertising for dental practices explained in layperson’s terms.

You know how you always get ads on your phone and computer that are perfect for you? What if you were looking for a new toy, and suddenly, you started seeing ads for that toy everywhere?

That’s called Targeted Advertising.

Dental practices can do the same thing! They can ensure their ads are shown to those needing their services.

Studies show that targeted advertising can increase patient acquisition by a whopping 75%! That’s like getting 3 out of 4 new patients just by showing ads to the right people.

Do you know the cool thing about targeted advertising for dental practices?

They can go granular and precise in their ads.

So if a person is looking for a dentist for their kids, the dental practice can show them an ad for just that service.

Neat, isn’t it?

Likewise, if a person is looking for teeth whitening, the dental practice can show them an ad for that service.

And it works!

Research shows that targeted ads can lead to a conversion rate that is 30% higher than non-targeted ads.

One of the best ways to do targeted advertising is something called PPC. It means pay-per-click. This means that the dental practice will only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it.

And it’s worth it!

PPC advertising can generate leads at the cost 50% lower than traditional forms of advertising.

At Smile Tactics, we treat Targeted advertising like a magic wand for dental practices. We help dentists reach the right people through targeted advertising and ensure they’re not wasting money.

And the statistics speak for themselves, and targeted advertising can increase patient acquisition and conversion rates and generate leads at a lower cost.

Are you looking forward to making use of this for your practice?

Book a 45-minute strategy call with me at Smile Tactics. Book an appointment now!

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