Rapidly Grow Your Dental Practice With The Most Effective Dental Marketing Partnership Programme in New Zealand

Juggling all the demands of managing a dental practice is hard! Relieve that burden by claiming your FREE 45-Minute strategy call, where we craft a step-by-step blueprint to get more patients, more profit and less stress.

What's Holding Back Your Dental Practice From Real Growth?

  • Are you juggling too many hats and feeling stressed?
  • Do you have the time to focus on effective marketing and scaling your business?
  • Does your advertising budget currently feel like it's going into a black hole?
  • Do you have lots of whitespace in your books?
  • Do you even have a marketing strategy?

You Can Achieve The Dental Practice Of Your Deams Whilst Focusing On What You're Passionate About

Get More Patients Fast

Tell me how many patients you need and we'll to get them in the door

Maximise Profits

Are you maximising the value of each of your existing patients? Deliver ethical marketing where patients actively want to spend more with you.

Free Up More Time

So you can focus on what you want to do. Whether that's making the dream patient experience or spending time with your family

Partner With A Marketer That Has Real Stakes In Dentistry

As both a successful dental practice owner and digital marketing specialist for over 20 years, it’s put Smile Tactics founder, Titus, in a unique position to understand the dental business, where other marketing experts simply do not.

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The Smile Tactics Steps To Success


Free Strategy Session


In-Depth Marketing Strategy




Monthly Review & Optimize

We will dive into your business and put together a strategy as well as actionable recommendations tailored to your business. This is NOT a sales call. It's 100% Free and there's no obligation to move forwards with my services.

We create a comprehensive Dental Marketing plan, including Customer Persona, KPI analytics reporting setup, website and SEO audit and an action plan for the upcoming months.

Once signed off we start working our magic, rolling out the agreed-upon monthly Tactics (marketing activities), whether that's Google ads, automated email marketing or in-house process improvement.

Each month we meet to review the work completed, the metrics, insights gained and to re-evaluate the upcoming tactics.

This cycle of continued improvement allows us to scale your business fast

But What's Included?

The premise of Smile Tactics is to become your entire marketing department... so all the marketing you need !

Taking a holistic approach, we'll devise a strategy unique to your business and objectives, hence this will be different for everyone.

Needless to say, Smile Tactics is a full-service agency, offering everything from Google Ads management, SEO, bespoke website design and optimisation to email campaigns, Facebook ads and even offline/print campaign management. Plus much more!

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Why Smile Tactics?

I know you are the kind of person who wants to be a great dentist and business leader. In order to be that way, you need a persistent influx of patients and revenue.

The problem is you don’t have enough time to juggle the many ‘hats’ of being a clinician AND running an entire business all by yourself, let alone managing the many facets of marketing such as strategy, campaigns and multiple ‘specialists’, which leaves you unfocused and feeling stressed.

I believe every dentist deserves to be rewarded for the smiles they give their community. I understand what it's like growing a dental practice from zero patients and having bills and staff to worry about. That’s why I utilise my 20+ years in web design and digital marketing to drive consistent revenue growth for each of my clients.

Here’s how it works: Just book a Free strategy session with me. We’ll then deep dive into your business and put together a strategy specific to you and your business objectives. I’ll then work my magic to implement these tactics so you start seeing results fast. Each month we meet to review the work completed, the metrics, insights gained and to reevaluate the upcoming tactics. Evolving the strategy so you can start realising your long-term vision in record time.

Book Your Free 45-Minute Strategy Session now, so you can stop feeling stressed about how to bring in enough patients to fill the books... You’ll see more revenue and enjoy more time so you can focus on what you’re really passionate about.

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5 Ways To Double Your Dental Practice Revenue In 180 Days

Finally, find out what’s stopping you from skyrocketing your patient base so you can eliminate it and build your dream dental practice. One that not only brings in the profits but also reduces your workload and stress levels.

Download my 100% FREE blueprint, with actionable tactics you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically grow revenue for your business... in most cases, without spending a cent on advertising.

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Dental Marketing

Ready to get more patients, more predicatbility and less stress?

This is NOT a sales call. It's 100% Free and there's no obligation to move forwards with my services.

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